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Aerohive Networks, founded in 2006, made a significant impact on the IT industry with its cloud networking and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions before being acquired by Extreme Networks in 2019. As a pioneering force in cloud-managed networking, Aerohive specialized in simplifying complex networking by leveraging cloud technology to offer simplified and secure wireless and wired networking solutions. Although now integrated into Extreme Networks, Aerohive’s technologies continue to influence products and solutions offered by Extreme. Here’s a detailed look at Aerohive’s offerings, operational footprint, financial insights, competitive environment, and how to get in touch with them now as part of Extreme Networks.


Aerohive Product Range

Under Aerohive, the key product offerings included:

  1. Enterprise Wi-Fi: High-performance wireless access points that supported unique distributed control architecture to reduce bottlenecks associated with traditional controllers.
  2. Cloud Networking: Aerohive’s HiveManager was a standout cloud networking management software, enabling simple and secure network management and integration.
  3. Switches: Aerohive switches provided enterprise-class access switching fully manageable from HiveManager, streamlining the network configuration and monitoring.
  4. Routers: Their routers featured enterprise-grade capabilities and seamless integration with the HiveManager for easy management.
  5. Network Security: Comprehensive security features integrated within the networking hardware and managed through HiveManager.

Nationwide Branch Locations

As Aerohive Networks was headquartered in Milpitas, California, with additional offices across the globe, its integration into Extreme Networks has expanded its operational footprint. Extreme Networks maintains its headquarters in San Jose, California, with numerous other offices across the United States and around the world to support its comprehensive suite of networking solutions.

Revenue and Financial Performance

Before its acquisition, Aerohive Networks was publicly traded and reported annual revenue. For instance, in its last independent annual report, Aerohive had been navigating a highly competitive environment with steadily growing revenue. Now, as part of Extreme Networks, the financial details specific to Aerohive’s products are integrated into the broader financial statements of Extreme Networks.


While Aerohive was an independent entity, its main competitors included:

  • Cisco Meraki: Cisco’s cloud-managed IT solutions directly competed with Aerohive’s offerings, particularly in cloud-managed networking.
  • Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company): Provided similar wireless solutions and cloud-based networking management.
  • Ruckus Networks (now part of CommScope): Known for their robust wireless solutions competing in the same market segment as Aerohive.

Contact Information

Since Aerohive’s integration into Extreme Networks, the contact details are those of Extreme Networks:

  • Official Website:
  • Email: Not publicly listed; contact through website form.
  • Phone Number: +1 408-579-2800
  • Mailing Address: Extreme Networks, Inc., 6480 Via Del Oro, San Jose, CA 95119, USA

Website and Digital Presence

The official website of Extreme Networks provides comprehensive details about the products and solutions formerly offered by Aerohive. It also offers resources such as white papers, case studies, product datasheets, and customer support links.

Email and Phone Communications

Extreme Networks provides robust support for products previously offered by Aerohive, accessible via dedicated support channels through the website. This support structure ensures that former Aerohive customers continue to receive assistance and updates for their products.

Financial Overview

Extreme Networks’ financial strategy involves leveraging the strengths of Aerohive’s cloud-managed networking technologies to enhance its product offerings and market penetration. The acquisition is aimed at expanding Extreme’s portfolio and presence in the cloud-managed networking market.

Brand Image and Marketing

Under Extreme Networks, the Aerohive brand continues to be recognized for its innovative cloud networking solutions. The marketing now emphasizes the enhanced capabilities and expanded product lines resulting from the merger, focusing on providing end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions.


Aerohive Networks’ legacy of cloud-managed networking solutions lives on through Extreme Networks, offering enhanced technological capabilities and a broader service portfolio. This integration marks a significant step in the evolution of cloud-based networking, promising advanced solutions for modern network management challenges faced by businesses around the globe.

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