March 9, 2023


Aluratek  is a well-regarded brand in the digital space, recognized for its innovative and user-friendly technology products. Since its founding in 2004 in Southern California, Aluratek has been dedicated to delivering a variety of high-quality, technology-based products that are accessible and affordable for consumers. The brand’s offerings range from digital photo frames to Bluetooth audio accessories, all designed to enhance the digital lifestyle of its customers. This detailed introduction covers Aluratek’s product range, branch locations, financial performance, competitive landscape, and key contact details.


Aluratek Product Range

Aluratek boasts a diverse array of digital products and accessories, designed to enhance the digital life of its users:

  1. Digital Photo Frames: Known for their ease of use and clarity, these frames range from simple plug-and-play models to more advanced frames with Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud access.
  2. Bluetooth Audio: Includes a variety of products such as wireless Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and portable speakers, emphasizing sound quality and convenience.
  3. Docking and Charging Stations: Solutions for charging multiple devices simultaneously, these stations support a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  4. USB Accessories: A wide array of products including hubs, adapters, and switches designed to increase the connectivity and functionality of personal computers.
  5. Mobile and PC Accessories: This category includes a variety of cases, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals designed to enhance usability and protection for smartphones and computers.
  6. Webcams and Video: With the rise of remote work and video conferencing, Aluratek has introduced high-definition webcams and related accessories to meet the growing demand for high-quality video communication tools.

Nationwide Branch Locations

Aluratek is headquartered in Irvine, California. While primarily operating out of this single location, Aluratek’s products are widely distributed through various major retailers both online and in physical stores across the United States, effectively making its products available nationwide.

Revenue and Financial Performance

As a private company, Aluratek does not publicly disclose its financial details. However, the company has shown signs of steady growth, particularly with an increase in demand for tech accessories and digital devices that enhance remote work and digital home environments.


Aluratek operates in a highly competitive market, facing off against various companies that also specialize in digital consumer electronics and accessories. Some of its main competitors include:

  • Belkin: Offers a similar range of computer and mobile accessories.
  • Logitech: Known for its wide range of peripherals and accessories that enhance the digital experience.
  • Anker: Specializes in mobile charging solutions and audio products, competing directly with some of Aluratek’s product lines.

Contact Information

  • Official Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1 (866) 580-1978
  • Mailing Address: Aluratek, Inc., 15241 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Website and Digital Presence

Aluratek’s official website is a comprehensive portal offering detailed information on its full product range. It provides customer service support, FAQs, and access to user manuals. Additionally, it features a blog that offers tips, product updates, and insights into the latest trends in digital technology.

Email and Phone Communications

Aluratek places a strong emphasis on customer support, providing direct email and phone contact options to assist customers with product inquiries, technical support, or customer service issues.

Financial Overview

Aluratek’s financial approach focuses on sustainable growth by continuously innovating and expanding its product lines to meet the changing technological needs of consumers. The company invests in marketing and product development to stay competitive and relevant in the fast-evolving tech industry.

Brand Image and Marketing

Aluratek’s brand is marketed as innovative, user-friendly, and accessible. Its marketing strategies are focused on highlighting the practicality and quality of its products, targeting tech-savvy consumers and those looking to enhance their digital lifestyle at home or in the office.


Aluratek continues to thrive as a provider of innovative consumer electronics and accessories, driven by a commitment to enhance the digital experiences of users worldwide. With a focus on quality, customer service, and continual innovation, Aluratek is well-positioned to adapt and grow in the competitive landscape of digital technology products.

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