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We will help you to sell more stock icons

Top 1,000 Searches with No Results Searches with no results are important because they tell us that there is a potentially unmet demand. In other words, a user has searched for a keyword or concept with they did not find. We have cleaned this list for misspellings and search terms in other languages than English. You might already have icons that matches these search terms, but you are missing a tag. Chart above – Search with no results accounts for about 4% of all searches on Iconfinder. Top Search Refinements Search Refinements are searches on which a user searches for a keyword, doesn’t find what they want, and enters a modified search. These refinements are similar to searches with no results in that they point to potential unfulfilled demand but with two key differences. First, the initial search does return results, just not the results the user wants. Second, the initial results are related to what the customer wants but do not quite match it. Chart above – Downloads per search is about 58%. There is definitely room for improvement.