March 10, 2023


Comprehensive Overview of Artisoft


Artisoft, once a pioneering force in the field of networking software, made significant contributions to the development of easy-to-use networking products tailored for small businesses. Founded in 1983, Artisoft’s innovative solutions aimed to simplify the complexities associated with traditional networking setups. Although no longer operating under the same brand name—having been acquired and absorbed into other entities—the legacy of Artisoft’s technology continues to influence the networking solutions market today.


Product Portfolio

Artisoft’s product line primarily consisted of:

  • LANtastic: This was Artisoft’s flagship software, providing peer-to-peer network connectivity for small businesses and home offices. LANtastic allowed multiple computers to share resources such as files and printers without requiring a dedicated server.
  • TeleVantage: A phone system software that utilized VoIP technology to enhance business communication. TeleVantage delivered features such as voice mail, call routing, and automated attendant capabilities.

Locations and Branches

Artisoft was originally headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Over the years, as the company expanded, it established additional branches across the United States to support its growing customer base and operational needs. After several acquisitions, the remnants of Artisoft’s operations were integrated into the structures of the acquiring companies.

Financial Overview

As a private entity prior to its acquisition, Artisoft’s specific financial details were not publicly disclosed during its operational period. However, the company enjoyed periods of strong sales growth, particularly during the early 1990s, driven by the popularity of its LANtastic software.


During its peak, Artisoft’s main competitors included other networking and telecommunications companies that targeted small to medium-sized businesses, such as Novell and Microsoft’s small business server solutions. These companies competed on the basis of ease of use, affordability, and the breadth of networking features.

Legacy and Influence

Artisoft’s influence extends beyond its operational lifespan, as the technologies and concepts it pioneered continue to resonate within the industry. Artisoft’s approach to making complex technology accessible and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses has been a model that many companies still emulate. The idea of user-friendly networking environments and democratized technology access pioneered by Artisoft set a standard in the industry that influenced how software is developed and marketed today.

Contact Information

Since Artisoft has been absorbed by other entities, direct contact information is no longer applicable. For historical and archival information, industry veterans or historical tech forums might be the best resources.

Financial Details

Artisoft’s financial strategies during its operation focused on maintaining low product costs and leveraging direct sales channels to reach its target markets. These strategies allowed Artisoft to carve out a significant niche in the small business networking space.

Brand Image and Sustainability

Artisoft was known for its commitment to creating user-friendly networking solutions that empowered small businesses to adopt technology effectively. The brand was synonymous with affordability and innovation in networking.

Growth Opportunities and Development Direction

Before its acquisitions, Artisoft had opportunities for growth in expanding its product lines to include more internet-based technologies and broader IT infrastructure solutions. The shift towards internet connectivity and the rise of the World Wide Web were pivotal areas where Artisoft had begun to make inroads.


Artisoft’s major advantages included:

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: Making network setup and management straightforward for non-technical users.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offering affordable solutions that appealed to small businesses with limited budgets.
  • Innovative Approach: Pioneering early peer-to-peer network solutions and VoIP technologies.


Although Artisoft as an independent entity no longer exists, its innovations in networking and VoIP technology laid the groundwork for many of the advancements that followed in the tech industry. Its legacy is evident in how small businesses today can seamlessly and affordably integrate technology into their operations. The evolution of Artisoft’s technologies under various successors continues to impact the networking solutions market, reflecting the enduring relevance of its original mission to simplify and democratize access to technology for small businesses.

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