SOFTWAREHUBS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Solution

Explore refurbished servers, storage, parts and features to meet budget requirements and support your hybrid cloud and AI project.
Explore in this webinar how you can upgrade or expand your hardware infrastructure while managing your budget. Learn how certified pre-owned servers and storage can help reduce your total cost of ownership.

Example : IBM Refurbished Power® Systems can manage your most critical business applications, and help reduce software costs and overall total cost of ownership.

Optimize your budget, quickly respond to business needs

IBM Certified Pre-Owned servers, storage, parts and features configured to meet your requirements

Today, making smart IT investment decisions is more important than ever. From traditional on-premises infrastructure to private or hybrid cloud environments, IBM® Certified Pre-Owned solutions offers businesses of all sizes a costefficient solution to match your product, budget, timing and quality requirements.

Control budgets and preserve cash flow

IBM Certified Pre-Owned helps clients realize the following three key benefits:

  • Enhance cash flow and control budgets
  • Quickly respond to business needs
  • Help ensure quality and reliability

Control budgets and cost Managing your investments for maximum return is critical. IBM Certified Pre-Owned servers, storage, parts and features can help IT departments control costs and budgets while lowering their total cost of ownership.

Attractive payment plans are available from IBM to accelerate your project as they provide expanded credit capacity and further help preserve budgets and cash.

Quickly respond to business demands In today’s rapidly changing world, IT departments need to speed up response to new business needs. IBM Certified Pre-Owned solutions can quickly be configured to match your product, budget, and timing requirements.

IBM Certified Pre-Owned offers a large inventory of IBM Power Systems, IBM Z, IBM Storage solutions, upgrades, expansion units, parts and features — including IBM withdrawn technology — configured to your business needs.

Quality backed by IBM certification IBM certification specifies that a product has been verified through our worldwide ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified remanufacturing processes. IBM Certified Pre-Owned storage solutions and servers are remanufactured to original IBM engineering specifications using only parts specified in an authentic IBM bill of materials. The remanufacturing process for each unit uses the specific serial number history from IBM maintenance records to ensure quality and reliability. Each system is delivered with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Access to in-house quality expert engineers and IBM technical support services, experience from current client installations, and integration with current technology requirements positions IBM as a single, quality source for all your IT infrastructure needs.

Testing and quality inspections are performed to current IBM manufacturing standards. All IBM Certified Pre-Owned products are immediately elligible for maintenance.

IBM Certified Pre-Owned storage solutions and servers are remanufactured in IBM plants worldwide which employ the same set of standards and quality and reliability tests. For further assurance, all IBM Certified Pre-Owned products are only resold by IBM or IBM Business Partners.

Why IBM? IBM provides flexible payment solutions for IBM software, IT infrastructure, services, and Red Hat® subscriptions and services that may help you start projects sooner, achieve your business goals more quickly and gain increased flexibility and agility.

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