SOFTWAREHUBS Certified Pre-Owned Software

Buy Original Software for Less – Smart and Safe!

Pre-owned licences are a legal way to buy original software in the North America. They are surplus or used licences that the initial acquirer no longer needs.

The benefits of pre-owned software are many. Software doesn’t wear out, so you get exactly the same product as the first owner. Only you pay less! You reduce your company’s IT expenses and free up funds to invest. If you need older software versions no longer available at the manufacturer, second-hand licences are your only option. And you get the same upgrade and downgrade rights as the original buyer.

SoftwareHUBs offers pre-owned Microsoft corporate volume licences in full compliance with US law. Order 5 or more of them and get the most favourable terms!

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*Service available only on the territory of the North America

Categories of Pre-Owned Products

How much do you save?

Pre-owned software is a cost-effective alternative to buying brand new. Overall savings per product start from 20% and reach up to 80% off the regular retail price of new software. 

Let’s make an example:

* Please note that this is only an example. The difference in savings will vary between products.