March 10, 2023


Comprehensive Overview of Attachmate


Attachmate, founded in 1982 and based in Seattle, Washington, has been a pioneer in the field of advanced software for terminal emulation, legacy modernization, managed file transfer, and enterprise fraud management. As part of the larger Micro Focus group since its merger in 2014, Attachmate continues to serve a wide range of industries, offering specialized software solutions that help businesses manage their data and communications more effectively.


Product Portfolio

Attachmate’s products are broadly categorized into several key areas:

  • Terminal Emulation: Attachmate’s Reflection and EXTRA! series provide robust terminal emulation for accessing legacy systems.
  • Legacy Integration and Modernization: Offering tools that extend the value of legacy systems by modernizing applications and enabling them to interact more efficiently with newer technologies.
  • Managed File Transfer: Attachmate’s FileXpress platform secures and streamlines the exchange of critical business files over large networks.
  • Enterprise Fraud Management: The Luminet solution helps detect and prevent fraud across various business processes.

Locations and Branches

Originally headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Attachmate now operates as part of Micro Focus, which has offices worldwide. This extensive network supports global operations and ensures that comprehensive support and services are readily accessible to customers internationally.

Financial Overview

As a division within Micro Focus, Attachmate’s specific financial details are integrated into the larger financial reports of the parent company. Micro Focus, being publicly traded, reports a strong financial base, supported by diversified software offerings, including those provided by Attachmate.


Attachmate’s main competitors include IBM, Oracle, and other companies that provide similar legacy system integration and terminal emulation software. These competitors also offer extensive suites of enterprise solutions, challenging Attachmate with broad product lines and global reach.

Contact Information

Financial Details

Attachmate, under the umbrella of Micro Focus, adheres to a financial strategy that emphasizes stability and growth through diversification and innovation in software solutions. Investments in research and development are pivotal to keeping its offerings competitive in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Brand Image and Sustainability

Attachmate is committed to sustainable business practices, focusing on developing software solutions that help businesses reduce their ecological footprint by optimizing the use of existing IT infrastructure and reducing the need for additional resources. This commitment is part of a broader corporate responsibility strategy that emphasizes ethical business practices and sustainability.

Growth Opportunities and Development Direction

Growth Opportunities: With an increasing number of enterprises looking to integrate their legacy systems with cloud-based applications, Attachmate has significant opportunities to expand its legacy modernization services. Moreover, as cybersecurity concerns continue to grow, Attachmate’s enterprise fraud management solutions are likely to see increased demand.

Development Direction: Attachmate is focused on continuing to develop its core areas of terminal emulation, file transfer, and fraud management while exploring new technologies such as cloud integration tools and advanced analytics for enterprise applications.


Attachmate’s key advantages include:

  • Deep Expertise in Legacy Systems: Long-standing presence and experience in handling complex legacy systems.
  • Robust Security Features: Strong emphasis on security, particularly in managed file transfer and fraud management solutions.
  • Part of Micro Focus: Benefits from being part of a larger technology group, which allows access to additional resources and support networks.


Attachmate remains a vital player in the field of enterprise software, offering specialized solutions that help organizations maximize the value of their existing technology investments. Through continuous innovation and a focus on customer needs, Attachmate is well-positioned to maintain its leadership in terminal emulation and legacy system integration while adapting to the changing dynamics of the global IT landscape. As part of Micro Focus, Attachmate is expected to continue driving forward its mission of empowering businesses with superior technology solutions.

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