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AVer Information Inc. is a global provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, specializing in visual clarity and advanced technology integration. Since its inception in 2008, AVer has been dedicated to developing innovative products that enhance the way people communicate and learn. This detailed introduction outlines AVer’s product range, operational locations, financial insights, competitive landscape, and comprehensive contact information.

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AVer Product Range

AVer’s product portfolio is diversified across several key areas, primarily focusing on educational technology and video conferencing solutions:

  1. Document Cameras: High-quality cameras used in educational settings for displaying documents or 3D objects during presentations.
  2. Interactive Flat Panels: Next-generation interactive displays designed to foster collaborative learning environments.
  3. Charge Carts: Secure and efficient solutions for charging, storing, and managing tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices in schools.
  4. Video Conferencing Solutions: Hardware and software for video communications, catering to business needs, including webcams, conference cameras, and all-in-one USB video bars.
  5. Surveillance Systems: Advanced security cameras and systems for ensuring safety and security in educational, corporate, and public environments.

AVer Nationwide Branch Locations

AVer is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, with a significant presence in the U.S., where it operates a major branch in Fremont, California. Additional sales offices and service centers are strategically located across Europe, Asia, and America, ensuring AVer’s global reach in servicing its clients.

Revenue and Financial Performance

As a publicly listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, AVer regularly reports its financial performance. The company has shown a consistent growth trajectory, attributed to the robust sales of its education technology products and expanding market presence in video conferencing solutions, especially during periods of increased demand for remote communication technologies.


AVer operates in a competitive market, with its main competitors including:

  • Logitech: Known for its webcams and video conferencing devices.
  • Epson: Offers similar educational technology products, especially in the document camera segment.
  • Poly (formerly Polycom and Plantronics): Specializes in video and audio conferencing equipment.

Contact Information

  • Official Website:
  • Email: [email protected] (for sales inquiries), [email protected] (for customer support)
  • Phone Number: +1-408-263-3828 (USA Office)
  • Mailing Address: AVer Information Inc., 668 Mission Ct., Fremont, CA 94539, USA

Website and Digital Presence

AVer’s official website is a comprehensive portal that offers detailed product information, user manuals, case studies, and video tutorials. It serves as an excellent resource for customers to explore AVer’s innovative solutions and understand the best practices for utilizing them in educational and corporate environments.

Email and Phone Communications

AVer prides itself on exceptional customer service, providing multiple channels for communication. Customers can reach out via email or phone for sales inquiries or technical support, ensuring they receive timely assistance and support.

Financial Overview

AVer’s financial strategy focuses on sustainable growth, leveraging its strong position in the educational technology market while expanding its footprint in the video conferencing sector. The company’s investments in R&D and marketing initiatives have been crucial in maintaining its competitive edge and responding to the evolving needs of its customer base.

Brand Image and Marketing

AVer’s brand image is built on innovation, quality, and reliability. Its marketing efforts emphasize the transformative impact of its products on educational and corporate communication, highlighting features like ease-of-use, technological innovation, and the ability to foster interactive and engaging environments.


AVer Information Inc. is a leader in providing cutting-edge educational technology and video collaboration solutions that are transforming the way people communicate and learn across the globe. With a commitment to quality and innovation, AVer continues to expand its product offerings and strengthen its market presence, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements in both education and communication sectors.

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