March 10, 2023


Comprehensive Overview of Avocor


Founded in 2016, Avocor is a leading developer of interactive displays designed to enhance collaboration in both educational settings and corporate environments. Avocor’s innovative solutions aim to transform the way people connect and communicate across various platforms, blending user-friendly technology with high-quality visuals. This comprehensive overview examines Avocor’s extensive product offerings, strategic initiatives, market positioning, and more.


Product Portfolio

Avocor designs a wide range of interactive displays that cater to the needs of various users:

  • Interactive Displays: Avocor offers several lines of interactive displays, including the F series, E series, and the Windows Collaboration Displays, which are engineered to enhance collaboration with touchscreen technology that supports annotation and digital whiteboarding capabilities.
  • Accessories: In addition to displays, Avocor also provides various accessories that complement their systems, such as mounts, styluses, and interface modules to enhance connectivity and functionality.

Locations and Branches

Avocor’s headquarters is located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. To support its global operations, Avocor has established additional offices in the UK and Europe, ensuring a widespread presence to effectively reach and service a global customer base.

Financial Overview

As a private company, Avocor does not publicly disclose detailed financial statements. However, it is recognized within the industry for its rapid growth trajectory, largely driven by increasing demand for interactive technology in professional and educational markets.


Avocor faces competition from other tech companies specializing in interactive display technology, such as Smart Technologies, Microsoft Surface Hub, and Cisco Webex Boards. These companies also strive to integrate collaboration technologies into diverse environments.

Contact Information

Financial Details

Avocor’s financial strategy focuses on expanding its market share and investing in new technologies. Significant investments in research and development have positioned Avocor as a leader in innovation within the interactive display market.

Brand Image and Sustainability

Avocor is committed to sustainability, emphasizing energy-efficient products that are designed to reduce power consumption and minimize environmental impact. The company strives to meet high environmental standards in its manufacturing processes and product designs.

Growth Opportunities and Development Direction

Growth Opportunities: With the rise of hybrid work environments and digital classrooms, there is an increasing demand for interactive and collaborative solutions. Avocor is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends by expanding its product offerings and exploring new markets in remote collaboration technology.

Development Direction: Avocor is focused on enhancing its product capabilities through the integration of AI and IoT technologies. These advancements aim to make collaborative sessions more intuitive and productive by facilitating smarter interactions and seamless integration with other digital tools.

Strategic Initiatives and Market Adaptation

Avocor is actively engaged in shaping the future of interactive display technology through several strategic initiatives. Recognizing the shift towards more integrated and connected workspaces, Avocor has partnered with leading technology firms like Microsoft and Intel to enhance the functionality and compatibility of its products. These partnerships ensure that Avocor’s solutions are at the forefront of collaborative technology, featuring seamless integration with popular software systems and superior hardware performance.

The company also focuses on expanding its reach into emerging markets where digital transformation is accelerating. By tailoring products to meet the specific needs of these markets and investing in localized sales and support teams, Avocor aims to strengthen its global footprint and tap into new customer segments.

Industry Leadership and Collaborative Efforts

Avocor’s leadership in the interactive display market is reinforced by its active participation in industry conferences and events, where it showcases innovations and builds relationships with key stakeholders. By leading discussions on the future of collaboration and learning environments, Avocor not only positions itself as a thought leader but also gains valuable insights into customer needs and industry trends.

In addition, Avocor is committed to advancing educational technology. The company collaborates with educational institutions to develop solutions that enhance learning experiences through interactive technology. These initiatives not only expand Avocor’s presence in the educational sector but also contribute to the overall improvement of educational methodologies.


Avocor’s key advantages include:

  • High-quality Products: Renowned for their superior display quality and responsiveness, enhancing user interaction.
  • Innovative Solutions: Constantly at the forefront of integrating the latest technologies to improve collaboration efficiency.
  • Global Reach: Strong presence in major markets, allowing effective distribution and customer service.


Avocor continues to lead in the interactive display industry, driven by its commitment to innovation, user-friendly designs, and strategic growth initiatives. With a focus on enhancing how people communicate and collaborate across various sectors, Avocor is poised to continue its expansion and success in the evolving landscape of digital collaboration solutions. As it progresses, Avocor remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge products and services that meet the needs of its diverse clientele, ensuring its position as a key player in the technology sector.

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