CDW Product Protection

May 3, 2024


Comprehensive Overview of CDW Product Protection


CDW Product Protection is a service offering from CDW Corporation, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Established to enhance customer satisfaction and trust, CDW Product Protection provides extended warranty and support plans that cover electronics and IT hardware products sold by CDW. This service ensures that businesses and consumers can protect their investments in technology.


Product Portfolio

CDW Product Protection includes a range of services designed to extend the life and maximize the performance of technology products:

  • Extended Warranties: Offers additional coverage beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, covering repairs and accidental damage.
  • Support Services: Provides 24/7 technical support, on-site services, and dedicated helpdesk options.
  • Replacement Plans: Ensures immediate replacement of products that are beyond repair.
  • Installation Services: Offers professional setup and installation for complex IT solutions and networks.
  • Cloud Data Protection: Provides backup solutions and data recovery services to ensure business continuity.

Locations and Branches

As a subsidiary service of CDW Corporation, CDW Product Protection benefits from the extensive infrastructure of its parent company, including numerous offices and distribution centers across the United States and Canada. This network enables CDW to offer quick and efficient service delivery nationwide.

Financial Overview

While specific financials for CDW Product Protection are not disclosed separately, CDW Corporation reported revenues of $18 billion in 2020, indicating robust financial health and the successful integration of service offerings like product protection into its overall business model.


CDW Product Protection competes with other technology service and warranty providers such as SquareTrade, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and manufacturer-specific services like AppleCare. CDW differentiates itself by providing comprehensive coverage that includes both warranty extensions and technical support, tailored specifically for the business sector.

Contact Information

Financial Details

CDW’s financial strategy for its Product Protection service involves leveraging the existing customer base of CDW Corporation to cross-sell extended warranties and support plans. This not only enhances customer retention rates but also increases the average lifetime value of each customer through ongoing service engagement.

Brand Image and Sustainability

CDW is committed to sustainability and has integrated these principles into its Product Protection service. The program promotes the repair and refurbishment of technology products, which helps reduce electronic waste and encourages the responsible recycling of IT equipment.

Growth Opportunities and Development Direction

Growth Opportunities: As technology becomes increasingly integral to business operations, the demand for comprehensive protection plans is expected to grow. CDW Product Protection is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend by offering tailored solutions that ensure uptime and reduce operational risks for businesses.

Development Direction: CDW plans to further integrate its Product Protection services with cloud-based management tools, allowing businesses to monitor and manage their IT assets more effectively. Additionally, expanding its coverage to include emerging technologies such as IoT devices and artificial intelligence applications is a priority.


Key advantages of CDW Product Protection include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Extends beyond traditional warranty limits to include accidental damage and handling failures.
  • Expert Support: Access to CDW’s extensive technical expertise and customer support network.
  • Customizable Plans: Ability to tailor services to meet the specific needs of different businesses and industries.


CDW Product Protection stands as a crucial component of CDW Corporation’s broader strategy to deliver end-to-end IT solutions. By providing extended warranties and robust support services, CDW enhances customer confidence and satisfaction, ensuring that clients can rely on their technology investments to drive business success. With ongoing investments in service expansion and technology integration, CDW Product Protection is poised for continued growth and success in the evolving IT landscape.