March 18, 2023

Cohesity is a leading data security and management company founded in 2013. Its official website is[^1]. Cohesity’s revenue is $321.2 Million[2] and it does not have a stock code.

Cohesity is a privately held data management company that was founded in 2013 by Mohit Aron, who was also one of the co-founders of Nutanix. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has additional offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. Cohesity has not yet gone public, so it does not have a stock symbol. According to Crunchbase, Cohesity has raised over $660 million in funding across several rounds, with the most recent being a $250 million Series E round in April 2020.

Cohesity offers a range of data management products and services. Its flagship product is the Cohesity DataPlatform, which is a scale-out platform that consolidates and protects data across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. The company also offers several other products, including Cohesity DataProtect, Cohesity Helios, Cohesity SmartFiles, Cohesity SiteContinuity, and Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition.

Cohesity’s DataProtect product provides backup and recovery capabilities for applications, databases, and virtual machines. Cohesity Helios is a SaaS-based management solution that provides global visibility and control over all Cohesity clusters. Cohesity SmartFiles is a scale-out file and object storage system that is designed for unstructured data. Cohesity SiteContinuity is a disaster recovery solution that provides automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing. Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition is a software-defined version of the DataPlatform that can be run on industry-standard servers.

Cohesity’s website is The company does not disclose its revenue publicly. As of March 2023, Cohesity has over 2,000 employees, according to its LinkedIn page.

Cohesity 2

Cohesity’s official products include:

  • DataProtect: backup and recovery solution for a range of workloads
  • DataPlatform: a web-scale platform for data management
  • DataManagement: a suite of solutions for managing, protecting, and deriving insights from data
  • DataSecurity: a comprehensive solution for ransomware protection and cyberthreat detection
  • Helios: a cloud-based management platform for Cohesity solutions
  • SmartFiles: a distributed file system for enterprise file services

The company address is 535 Mission Street, Suite 1450, San Francisco, CA 94105[4], with a phone number of 855-926-4374[5] and an email support [email protected][6].



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