Cyber Acoustics

March 15, 2023


Comprehensive Overview of Cyber Acoustics


Established in 1996, Cyber Acoustics is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the field of multimedia sound solutions. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, the company specializes in a range of audio products designed for personal and professional use. Cyber Acoustics is recognized for delivering quality sound at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among consumers and businesses alike.

Cyber Acoustics

Product Portfolio

Cyber Acoustics’ product line is diverse, covering needs from casual listening to professional-grade audio solutions:

  • Speakers: Includes a variety of speaker systems, from simple 2.0 desktop speakers to more sophisticated 2.1 and 5.1 systems with subwoofers, tailored for both home and office environments.
  • Headsets: Offers a range of headsets suitable for office communications, call centers, gaming, and educational purposes, featuring models with noise-canceling technology.
  • Microphones: A selection of desktop and personal microphones, perfect for conferencing, streaming, and recording.
  • Accessories: Provides essential audio accessories, including speaker mounts, carrying cases, and more.

Locations and Branches

While Cyber Acoustics primarily operates from its headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, it has established a strong distribution network across the United States to ensure wide availability and prompt customer service. The company’s products are also distributed internationally, reflecting its global reach in the audio equipment market.

Financial Overview

As a privately held company, Cyber Acoustics does not publicly disclose its financial details. However, industry insights suggest that the company has maintained a stable financial position, supported by consistent sales growth in its targeted consumer and business segments.


Cyber Acoustics competes with other audio equipment manufacturers like Logitech, Bose, and Creative Labs. These companies also offer a range of audio solutions but Cyber Acoustics carves out its niche by focusing on affordability and durability, making it a preferred choice for educational institutions and cost-conscious consumers.

Contact Information

Financial Details

Cyber Acoustics strategically focuses on maintaining profitability by balancing product quality with cost-effectiveness. Its financial strategy involves streamlining operations and leveraging efficient supply chains to minimize overhead costs while maintaining competitive pricing for its products.

Brand Image and Sustainability

Cyber Acoustics is committed to sustainability, continually seeking ways to reduce its environmental footprint. This includes using recycled materials in product packaging and promoting energy-efficient products to its customers. The company aims to blend eco-friendliness with practical audio solutions to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Growth Opportunities and Development Direction

Growth Opportunities: With the increasing use of multimedia in education and the rise of telecommuting, Cyber Acoustics is well-positioned to expand its presence in these growing markets. Furthermore, the popularity of gaming and home entertainment systems continues to drive demand for high-quality, affordable audio solutions.

Development Direction: Cyber Acoustics is focused on enhancing its product innovation, particularly in developing wireless and Bluetooth-enabled devices to align with current technology trends. The company is also exploring opportunities in immersive audio technologies such as spatial audio and 3D sound, which are becoming more popular in both gaming and home cinema environments.


Key advantages of Cyber Acoustics include:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Provides high-quality audio products at price points that are accessible to a wide range of consumers and businesses.
  • Versatile Product Range: Offers a comprehensive array of audio solutions that cater to various needs, from personal entertainment to professional use.
  • Strong Market Presence: Established relationships with retailers and a solid reputation in the educational sector, enhancing its brand reliability and customer loyalty.


Cyber Acoustics continues to thrive in the competitive audio solutions market by focusing on innovation, affordability, and sustainability. With its robust product lineup and strategic market approaches, Cyber Acoustics is poised for continued growth and success, meeting the evolving needs of consumers and businesses in the multimedia and audio sectors.

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