Fluke Networks

March 30, 2023


Company Overview

Founded in 1992, Fluke Networks is a leading manufacturer of network test tools. The company’s headquarters are located in Everett, Washington; it also has offices around the world including Europe and Asia. Fluke Networks’ products include cable testers, spectrum analyzers and other tools used by technicians to troubleshoot networks.

Products and Services

Fluke Networks offers a wide range of products and services, including:

  • Network performance monitoring and analysis
  • Network security monitoring
  • Network assessment and planning
  • Wireless network design and deployment
  • Network installation and maintenance

Cyber Security Services

Fluke Networks offers a wide range of cyber security services, including:

  • Threat intelligence. This is the process of identifying and analyzing potential threats to your network.
  • Advanced malware protection. This service helps you detect and remove malware from your computer systems before it can cause damage or steal data from your company’s networks or computers.
  • Network security monitoring (NSM). The NSM team will monitor all traffic on your network, searching for threats such as viruses or other malicious software that could harm the system’s integrity if left unchecked–and then take action when necessary to keep things safe!
  • Endpoint security refers to any type of protection that prevents unauthorized access into either individual computers or groups of them (such as entire networks).

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