FujiFilm Computer Products

March 22, 2023

FujiFilm Computer Products

Company Overview

FujiFilm Computer Products Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company founded in 1982. The headquarters are located in Tokyo and the company has its stock symbol as FUJI.


The FujiFilm Computer Products website is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the company. It has an extensive amount of information, including press releases and a list of products offered by FujiFilm Computer Products.
The social media presence of FujiFilm Computer Products is also quite impressive. The company has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as YouTube channels dedicated to each product line (e.g., Fujifilm X Series).


FujiFilm’s revenue is primarily generated through the sale of products and services. The company also generates revenue through licensing its brand name, as well as providing support and maintenance services for its products.
The following table outlines FujiFilm’s top five product categories:

  • Digital Cameras (35%)
  • Imaging Systems (25%)
  • Medical Systems and Solutions (20%)
  • Printers/Copiers/Scanners (15%)
    • Financial Services & Software Solutions(5%).


FujiFilm Computer Products, Inc. was founded in 1988 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. The two men were both Stanford University graduates with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, respectively. They began working together while they were both employed at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), where they helped develop the first laser printer–a device that has since become an essential part of office life around the world.
After leaving Xerox to start their own business, Warnock & Geschke set up shop in California and began developing new software programs for personal computers such as Photoshop and Illustrator; these programs would go on to be used by millions of people every day all over the world!

FujiFilm Computer Products 1

The company’s address is:
FujiFilm Computer Products (Europe) GmbH
Heesenstrasse 31
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

The official website is: https://www.fujifilm.com/products/computer_products/
The telephone number is: +49 (0) 211 5089 0
For e-mail support, customers can reach out to the following address: [email protected]

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