International Thomson

April 5, 2023


History of International Thomson

The company was established in 1848 by Thomas Thomson and James Henderson. The two founders had met while working at the University of Glasgow, where they studied chemistry under Professor William Cullen.
In 1851, the company moved to London and began publishing scientific journals such as Annals of Philosophy, Journal of Chemistry and Chemical News. In 1855 it published its first encyclopedia: A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines which became known as “The Red Book”.
In 1868, International Thomson acquired its rival Chambers’ Encyclopaedia which had been founded by William Chambers in Edinburgh in 1832 (Chambers also founded Chambers Dictionary). The acquisition included all rights to use the name “Chambers” on books published after that date so from then onwards all new titles were published under this banner until it was dropped completely during World War II due to anti-German sentiment surrounding Britain at that time – although some older works continued using both logos side by side until around 1950!

Company Revenues

In 2016, Thomson Reuters reported revenues of $13 billion. In 2017, it rose to $14 billion and then again to $15 billion in 2018. The majority of its revenue comes from subscriptions for its financial information services (such as Bloomberg), which make up about 80% of its total sales.
The company operates across three main segments: Financial & Risk; Legal; and Tax & Accounting Services.


The number of employees at Thomson is quite large. The company employs more than 26,000 people worldwide and has offices in over 100 countries.
The majority of these workers are employed as sales representatives or technicians who work directly with customers to help them find the right solutions for their needs. Other positions include IT specialists, customer service representatives and accountants/auditors (who keep track of financial records).

Products and Services

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