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Company Overview

Jelco was founded in 1979 by a group of industry veterans who wanted to create a high-quality turntable that would rival those made by companies like Technics, who had been making turntables for decades. The company’s name comes from the initials of its founders: Jerry Lippman, Carl Hildebrandt and Robert Katzmann.
Jelco has gone through several ownership changes since its inception; it was purchased by the American Musical Supply Company (AMSCO) in 1996 and later sold again in 2003 when AMSCO went bankrupt–this time going to Audio Plus Services Inc., an electronics distributor based out of New Jersey which also owns brands like Polk Audio and Definitive Technology.
As far as revenue goes, we don’t have any data available yet because Jelco hasn’t released any financial information since 2010 when they were acquired by Audio Plus Services Inc.; however we can see how much money they’ve made over time based on their annual reports filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Products & Services

You can find the full list of products and services on their website.
Jelco is located at:
12345 Main Street, Suite 12345, City, State Zipcode


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Jelco is a high-quality cartridge manufacturer with a long history of making cartridges for many different turntables. They’re known for their excellent sound quality and durability, as well as their dedication to customer service.
Jelco offers two lines of cartridges: the classic series and the professional series. The classic series uses standard mountings that are compatible with most turntables, while the professional series has more advanced mounting options that allow you to use your cartridge on more exotic turntables like SOTA’s Model 3 or Linn’s LP12/Ittok/Klimax models (but not Rega).
The Jelco Classic Series comes in three models: MC-1010ALP (moving magnet), MC-1010SALP (moving coil), and MC-1015SALP (super elliptical). Each one has its own unique characteristics–for example, the MC-1015SALP has better tracking ability than any other moving coil cartridge available today–but all three have been designed specifically for listening enjoyment rather than maximum output power or technical accuracy; this means they’re ideal for casual listeners who want great sound without spending too much money!

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