Kantek Inc.

April 7, 2023



Kantek Inc. is a company that has been in business since 1990, and they specialize in the manufacturing of electronic enclosures. They have four main divisions:
The Kantek brand is known for its high quality products, which are used by many different industries including healthcare, military/defense, aerospace and more.

Founding of Kantek Inc.

Kantek Inc., a manufacturer of electronic components, was founded in 2004. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.
Kantek’s founding members include: Douglas A. Smith (president), Robert N. Smith (vice president), Michael G. Kriegshauser (chief financial officer) and Steven E. Reissner (chief technology officer).

Company Performance

Kantek, Inc. is a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of $1.3 billion. The company has seen its stock price increase by more than 20% in the past year, and it’s currently trading at $58 per share.
In terms of revenue growth, Kantek has been doing well over the past few years: In 2016, Kantek reported revenues of $1 billion; however, this number increased to $2 billion in 2018–a 120% increase in just four years!

Products and Services

Kantek is a global leader in the design and manufacture of electronic products. The company’s products include:

Company Contact Information

Kantek Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality products for the consumer electronics market. The company has been around since 1981, and it’s headquartered in San Jose, California.
Kantek’s website can be found at www.kantekinc.com; if you want to get in touch with them directly, their address is:
Kantek Inc., 1450 N 1st St Suite 200 San Jose CA 95112 USA

Brand Credibility

The sources of brand information are varied and include:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • Advertising
  • Social media posts and comments
  • Reviews from third parties (e.g., Consumer Reports)


Kantek Inc. is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing electronic components. The brand has been around since 1986, so it’s no surprise that they have a long list of products and services to offer their customers.
Kantek Inc.’s website is easy to navigate, with an intuitive design that makes finding information about their products simple. You can search for your desired item by category or keyword; this makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to trawl through pages upon pages of listings until something catches your eye.

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