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April 8, 2023



The Koss Corporation has been around since 1953. It’s a privately held company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that manufactures consumer electronics products including headphones and speakers.
Koss was founded by John C. Koss who invented the first stereo headphones while working at Raytheon Company in 1958. He patented his invention in 1964 and started selling it as “The Koss SP/3” model. In 1967 he left Raytheon to start his own company which became known as Koss Corporation after being renamed from Acoustic Research Corporation (ARC).

History of Koss Corporation

Koss Corporation was founded in 1958 by John C. Koss, who had a passion for music and electronics. He began manufacturing a stereo headset that he called the “Spacemate.” The design of this product was revolutionary at the time because it allowed users to listen to music without having to hold their earphones up to their ears.
Koss has since expanded its offerings beyond headphones and now offers products such as speakers, microphones and other accessories that allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you are!

Koss Corporation Today

Koss Corporation is a company that specializes in the manufacture of headphones and other audio accessories. The company was founded in 1958 by John C. Koss, who remains its chief executive officer to this day.
Koss Corporation’s stock ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is KOSS, and it currently has a market capitalization of about $1 billion USD.[1]
The company generated revenues of approximately $200 million during its most recent fiscal year ending December 31st 2017[2]. It employs approximately 500 people worldwide.[3]

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