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Meraki is a cloud-managed networking company that provides wireless, switching and security solutions for businesses. The company was founded in 2008 by Sanjit Biswas, John Bicket and Hans Robertson.
Meraki’s mission statement is “to make networks simple.”

Company History

Meraki was founded in 2007 by Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket, who were both former Cisco employees. The company’s name comes from the Greek word “meraki,” which means “to do something with soul.”
Meraki has grown to become one of the largest cloud-managed networking companies in the world, with over 100 million users worldwide. It offers a wide range of products including wireless access points (APs), switches, security appliances and more.

Products and Services

Meraki’s products and services include:

  • Meraki MR24/MR16 Cloud Managed Switches
  • Meraki MS225-48P Cloud Managed Switch
  • Meraki MS225-48FP Cloud Managed Switch with PoE+

Stock Information

The stock ticker for Meraki is MRK. The current share price is $30.00 USD, and the 52-week high/low range is $23 to $66.

Revenue and Growth

  • Revenue and growth over time
  • Profitability


Meraki is a company that’s all about its employees. The company was founded in 2007 and has grown to over 1,000 employees in just over 10 years. Meraki offers competitive salaries and benefits packages that include things such as 401(k) matching, health insurance, paid time off and more!

Company Address

Meraki’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. The company’s contact information is as follows:

  • Address: 1 Meraki Way, San Francisco CA 94105-2557
  • Phone number: (415) 555-1234


  • Meraki vs Aruba
    Aruba is a wireless LAN (WLAN) provider that offers both cloud-managed and on-premises solutions. Their cloud-managed system is called AirWave, which allows you to manage your network from anywhere in the world through a web browser or mobile device. This solution has been around since 2009 and has been used by many large organizations like Walmart and Coca Cola. Meraki’s Cloud Controller was released in 2012, so it’s newer than Aruba’s offering but still not as mature as Airwave yet because they don’t have quite as much experience with managing networks at scale yet either.* Meraki vs Cisco


Meraki is a company that provides cloud-managed networking solutions for businesses. They have a wide range of products, including wireless access points, switches and routers.
Meraki was founded in 2007 by Sanjit Biswas, who previously worked as an engineer at Cisco Systems Inc., where he helped develop their first wireless controller product. He left to start Meraki because he felt that many companies were not getting the most out of their existing infrastructure because they didn’t have adequate tools or knowledge to do so.
Meraki’s main selling point is its ease of use; it requires no training or special skills on behalf of IT managers or employees using the devices themselves (as opposed to other vendors who require extensive training). It also offers affordable pricing compared with competitors like Cisco Systems Inc., which makes it attractive for smaller businesses looking for an alternative solution without breaking their budgets

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