April 11, 2023

Company Overview

Molex is a global manufacturer of electronic components and interconnect systems. The company was founded in 1911 and has been headquartered in Lisle, Illinois since 1969.
The company’s stock ticker symbol is MXL (NYSE).
Molex’s website can be found at https://www.molex.com/.

Products and Services

Molex is a company that manufactures electrical connectors, interconnect systems and electromechanical devices. They also provide services related to the design, engineering and manufacturing of these products.
The following are some of their most popular products:

  • Molex Mini-Fit Jr Connectors – These connectors are used for applications such as computers and consumer electronics. They come in various sizes so you can choose one that fits your needs best!
  • Molex Micro-Fit 3 Receptacles – These receptacles are used for applications such as automotive electronics and telecommunications equipment like modems or routers.
    Molex also provides services such as engineering support (to help create new products), product management (to help manage existing ones), prototyping (to test out new ideas before they’re produced)

History of Molex

The history of Molex began in 1909, when William Edward Molex founded the company. In its early days, Molex was primarily focused on manufacturing electrical connectors for automobiles and other vehicles. It wasn’t until the 1940s that Molex began expanding into other industries such as aerospace and medical equipment.
In the 1950s and 1960s, Molex made several acquisitions that helped it expand its product offerings further into industrial automation systems as well as consumer electronics applications like video games consoles and cell phones.
In addition to these acquisitions, Molex also collaborated with other companies during this period–such as General Electric Co., which used their connectors in aircraft engines; Honeywell Inc., who used them in their nuclear reactors; or Rockwell International Corp., which used them on spacecrafts like Skylab (the first U.S.-built space station).

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