April 16, 2023


History of NComputing

NComputing was established in 1999 by a group of computer scientists, engineers and business professionals who saw the need for affordable computing solutions for education. The company’s mission is to provide an affordable and accessible way for schools and universities around the world to use technology as a critical learning tool.
NComputer’s first product was an interactive whiteboard that allowed teachers to teach from anywhere in their classroom without having to move around or get up from their desk. This innovation helped revolutionize how educators taught students worldwide by making it possible for them to interact with students using only one device: their laptop or tablet!

Company Overview

NComputing is a global provider of cloud-based solutions for desktop virtualization. The company was founded in 1999 and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. NComputing’s products include:

  • NComputing Cloud Client (NC3) – a software client that provides access to virtual desktops from any device
  • NComputing Cloud Server (NCS) – an enterprise-class hypervisor designed specifically for cloud computing environments

Products & Services

NComputing has a variety of products and services that can be used in the classroom. The NComputing Network is an inexpensive way to connect multiple computers together, allowing users to share files and printers as well as access the internet. You can also use it to set up virtual desktops for your students, which makes it easier for them to collaborate on projects without having to worry about sharing devices or losing work when they get disconnected from the network (or their battery dies).
The NComputing Cloud is another option if you want more control over how your computers are set up–you’ll have access through an app on any device with an internet connection. This means no installation required! It also provides more security than just using Google Drive or Dropbox because everything is stored securely in one place instead of being scattered across different accounts across multiple platforms like Apple iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive

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