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April 20, 2023



Pure Storage is an enterprise data storage company that sells flash-based arrays. The Pure Storage FlashArray is a hybrid array, which combines traditional spinning disks with solid state drives (SSDs). Pure Storage arrays are designed for use in large-scale cloud environments and high performance computing (HPC) applications, but they can also be used by small businesses that need to store large amounts of data quickly and securely.
Pure Storage was founded in 2009 by John Hayes and Scott Dietzen; it’s headquartered in Mountain View, California with offices around the world. The company has raised over $300 million in funding from investors such as Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners


Pure Storage was founded in 2009 by a group of engineers who had worked at VMware, EMC and Cisco. The company’s first product, FlashArray, was released in 2011.
The company has experienced steady growth since then: it went public on the NASDAQ exchange in 2014; acquired FlashBlade technology from Kaminario; opened its first European office in London (2016); announced plans to build a new headquarters campus near its current location in Mountain View, CA (2017) and acquired Spectra7 Microsystems Inc., which makes high-bandwidth interconnect solutions for data centers (2018).

Company Details

*Stock Symbol: PURE
*Website: https://www.purestorage.com/
*Revenue: $527 million in 2018, up from $350 million in 2017 and $256 million in 2016.
*Founders: David Hatfield, Jonathan Donner and John Hayes launched Pure Storage in 2009 as a spinout from Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle). They raised $50 million from Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital for their Series A round of funding; another $70 million came in 2013 when they raised Series B funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greylock Partners and Institutional Venture Partners (IVP). In 2014 they raised another $100 million at an estimated valuation of over $2 billion; this round was led by TPG Growth with participation from existing investors IVP as well as Battery Ventures

Products & Services

  • Products and Services
    The company offers a wide range of products and services, including:
  • Flash storage arrays that are used in data centers to store, manage and protect data. The arrays are available in both hybrid and all-flash models.
  • Cloud storage solutions for enterprises that want to manage their own private cloud infrastructure without having to buy hardware or software from Pure Storage. These solutions include software-defined storage (SDS), object storage and block storage options that allow customers to choose what type of solution is best suited for their needs. They also provide an online marketplace where users can purchase additional services like security monitoring or disaster recovery planning support at discounted rates compared with what they would pay if they purchased these services directly from Pure Storage itself; these bundled deals are called “PureCloud Bundles.”


In conclusion, Pure Storage is a solid storage solution for businesses that need fast access to their data. It’s also an excellent choice for companies who want to minimize downtime and maximize uptime.
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