Refund and Returns Policy

Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy.
Updated at 2022-06-17

The SOFTWAREHUBS advises you to read these policies carefully before making any purchase. Your purchase shall be subject to these policies.

By accepting the terms of the platform, the buyer also accepts the policies contained in this section. Furthermore, if the buyer buys a product or service from SSG LLC, the Platforms assumes that you have read and agreed to the return and refund policy. These policies are applicable to domestic US countries.

Return Restrictions

Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be easily duplicated, due to this, it cannot be sold to another user once the product key is revealed to a customer, as it is automatically considered as ‘used’. For this reason, we reserve the rights described here to issue a refund. We will evaluate the following conditions:

Software and Upgrades:

All Software and their respective upgrades are provided as a downloadable and may deliver to you in DVD, USB, and MAIL, products with an electronic license key.

Electronic License:

Every software purchased from the website is supported by an electronic license key. The same electronic key is provided to you at the time you make the purchase. The location of the given license is tracked by collecting the device ID on which it is to be installed. The key is only for one-time use so the product is considered as used if the key has been used to open or run the software.


The SOFTWAREHUBS does not offer a return, refund, or exchange if the buyer has used the software, license key, or electronic key.


If the buyer threatens the platform to return the product, otherwise the buyer will leave a bad review, or any other statement/act that the platform deems harassing, under these circumstances the platform has the right to initiate legal action against the buyer. In addition, the buyer agrees and gives the platform the right to take down the review from the platform or any other platform that the platform deems necessary and the platform Can initiate the against the buyer who deliberately damages the reputation.

Exempted Products:

The Platform does not offer a Return or Refund of certain Products/ Services, that are listed below, moreover, the Purchase agrees that the Platform shall not be liable for the Refund for these products/ Services.

  • Download or electronically delivered (emailed) licenses.
  • Upgrade orders
  • Opened software
  • Volume License software orders*
  • Products purchased at a discount or as part of a promotion, including Academic licenses.
  • Products obtained as part of a bundle, with or without training, with other computer services or equipment, or distributed by another company as part of their software compilation
  • Products obtained by any customer in any other country other than the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, United States territories, and Canada
  • SSG LLC fee-based technical support services, training or consulting services, Maintenance Agreements, and any other related products and services
  • Shipping, Tax, and handling charges

Precedent Before RETURN REQUEST

SOFTWAREHUBS is always in its footsteps, putting its best efforts and doing each and everything possible which can be done to make sure that you are satisfied with the purchase you have made from our website, and it is also a fact known to us that sometimes a purchaser does come across certain types of reservations and for the said purpose we have a CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER who is always ready to hear from you and to resolve any reservations you have come across with the purchase made from the website however if your reservations remain intact still after contacting the customer support center and our team at the center fails to resolve your concerns, which is also the condition precedent for return, only then you are entitled to request the return of the product purchased and/or redressal of the services availed Subject to Restricted Products.

Returns and Refunds


The buyer has the right to return the defective product within 30 days of purchase. When the platform receives the request, the platform will proceed as follows:

  • The support team can try to fix bugs,
  • If the error persists, the platform may exchange the product.
  • If the Exchanged product is also defective, the platform may allow refund requests subject to technical scrutiny of the product.

If we suspect you’re abusing the return policy (for example, by returning products on multiple occasions or on a seasonal basis), we reserve the right to refuse your return.

Special Order

  1. The Volume ordered, or the customized products may be considered Special orders. The Buyer agrees that the Purchase is final and the platform does not offer any return, refund, or exchange for special orders.
  2. Products purchased during the sale period are also exempt from refund.

Prerequisites for requesting a Refund

The buyer has a 30-day period to request a refund and in no case after that period.

Reasons for Return

The Reasons for Return Including not Limited to

  • The customer ordered the wrong product.
  • The Platform Delivered the wrong product.
  • The product was damaged or defective. Or there are some errors or bugs that can’t be fixed by the support team.
  • The product arrived too late.

Unacceptable Reasons

  • Which is specifically drawn to the consumer’s attention before the contract is made,
  • Where the consumer examines the products before the contract is made, which that examination ought to reveal, or
  • In the case of a contract to supply Products by sample, which would have been apparent on a reasonable examination of the sample.
  • Remorse reasons
  • Change of mind
  • Ordered by mistake etc.

Not all such reasons are acceptable.

Physical Products

If the Product is delivered in DVD, USB, and Serial Stickers, unused and unopened same should bear a new look and should be in spick and span condition. We are all entitled to reject the returned product completely if there is damage to the product and/or product packaging.

If your return request is according to the mentioned criteria hereinbefore and meets all the requirements stated hereinbefore, then you are requested to fill out the form for return as per the given criteria. After the proper scrutiny of the return form is filled out by you, an email containing the return label shall be sent to you at your registered e-mail address. You are required to print the same label and paste the same on the product to be returned. The Buyer should bear the 30% restocking charge.

Inspection of Returned Products:

Product sent by you shall be received and reviewed by our team specifically designated for the said purposes. If the returned products have met all of our return policy requirements, we will process the refund and send you a confirmation email. Only the acceptable method used to make the purchase can be credited by us, and that too, after approval from us, and the banking channel and/or any other payment method, cannot revert the payment once you have made the same without our specific approval in this behalf.

If you have any queries regarding the return of the product, you should feel free to contact the website’s support center.

If a product is deemed unfit for return due to any reason including but not limited to the material and/or state of the product, we will notify you that the return request has been rejected and/or cannot be processed, and no refund will be issued to you.


Any user of the website who has made a purchase from the website and is claiming a refund against the product purchased should do the same while considering all the legal boundaries and maintaining a conducive environment. No one can revert the payment from the payment channel through which the user has made the payment without exclusive permission from the website and or threat in the form of reverting money back from the payment channel then the same user even if he entitles to the refund and/or return of the product shall lose the same right moreover the website is also entitled to start legal proceedings against the same user the expense of which shall be borne by the user and if the user reverts the money without exclusive permission of the website the same shall be recovered from the user with an increase of the 50% of the actual cost along with damages for defrauding the website.


Inventory shortages or other fulfillment issues needing to be resolved for delivery of the orders placed may cause delays. Your order is shipped using a carrier that we have selected. We cover the shipping fee as long as the shipping address is within our prescribed range. Once you place your order on our online store, you will be given an estimated time in which the product shall be delivered to you. Our estimated delivery time may include 1-2 business days for processing + delivery. Every effort is made to ensure the delivery of your order on time. After your order is processed and fulfilled, we will send you an email containing the order tracking number. Once your order is fulfilled and placed in the hands of our selected shipping carrier, we cannot guarantee any delivery date indicated by the carrier.

Limitation of Liability.

The website does not accept liability for the purchase, or other products beyond the remedies set forth herein, including but not limited to any liability for product not being available for use, lost profits, loss of business, or for lost or corrupted data or software, or the provision of services and support. The website shall also not be liable for any consequential and/or incidental and/or special and/or indirect and/or punitive damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or for any claim by any third party. You understand that for any liability related to the purchase of the products from the website, we shall not be liable for any amount of damages beyond and above the amount invoiced for the applicable product. Some jurisdictions may not enforce all of these limitations, and only the limitations that are lawfully applied to you in your jurisdiction will apply.

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