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These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Software Solutions Group LLC, SSG LLC’s Website, located at https://www.softwarehubs.com.

When placing this order, you are accepting the following Terms and Conditions:




  1. Definitions.
    1. Account – An account shall be construed as a user registered account. The same shall be used by the user while visiting the website.
    2. Adjustments – means any and all cashbacks, refunds, sanctions, replace, accommodation, payment, surtax, outlay, exchange fees and similar fees and assessments, and other payments or amounts due from the Seller or Selling User and/or from the softwarehubs as a result of the Seller’s or Selling User’s breach of these Terms and Conditions, law.
    3. Claim any assertions which may be arisen in favor of the user and against the softwarehubs.
    4. Consumer consumer is any natural person who uses this website for the purposes for which the website has been set up. It may also be considered as party of one part.
    5. SOFTWAREHUBS SOFTWAREHUBS with its registered office at SOFTWAREHUBS by SSG Operation by Software Solutions Group LLC. Company NBR : 2021-001002009 which is a party to the agreement of the another part in accordance with further provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
    6. Intermediate Body – it is an institution which helps in transferring payments between the User and the Seller’s Store which comes due against the purchase of digital products, or services offered by the relevant Seller on the Seller’s Store, included but not limited to banks, settlement agents, entities operating payment systems, card organizations, electronic money institutions, payment service provider, or financial institution.
    7. Intermediate Body Scheme Rules – Connotes all current and future bylaws, principles, regulations, explanations and other guidelines promulgated by any Intermediate Body from time to time.
    8. Privacy and Cookies Policy a set of rules regulating the processing of personal data and privacy protection policies applied against Users by SSG LLC Privacy and Cookies Policy necessarily constituting a separate different document.
    9. Refund & Returns By accepting the terms of the platform, the buyer also accepts the policies contained in this section. Furthermore, if the buyer buys a product or service from SOFTWAREHUBS, the Platforms assumes that you have read and agreed to the return and refund policy. These policies are applicable to domestic US countries.
    10. Terms and Conditions these terms and conditions, including attachments, encompassing a set of rules regulating the use of the Site and rights and obligations of Users, Sellers and softwarehubs.com.
  • Terms of accessing website

We grant you the non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited right to access and use the Website. If the user wants to have full access to the features of the website, then the user has to create a user account with the website to be called the user’s registered account and should preferably be in his own name. The user should and is only allowed to have one account, and that too of his own only. Users should not and are not allowed to share passwords and user i.ds of their registered account with anyone else. User can have password of his own choice which a user may use with his user i.d while logging in on the website. You are under an obligation to share with us the information if your password has been hacked and/or have become known to another person. Your user password can be changed at any time with an intimation to you only in situations when we find that the privacy of your password has been compromised.

  • Terms And Conditions
    • By accepting these terms and conditions, the User and the Seller hereby agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy as a whole and without any hindrance.
    • Users who are not able to culminate a legally binding agreement with softwarehubs.com, with Selling Users or with Sellers and those users who are restricted from using the services due to the rules and regulations of the State or territorial sanctions, including the country/region of current residence of the User and place of use of services, are hereby strictly advised to not to use the softwarehubs.com.
    • The User hereby agree and acknowledge that he or she (a) must be at least eighteen (18) years old (or has reached another age which in light of his or her domestic law entitles the User to conclude legally binding agreements) (b) has full capacity to take legal actions and agrees to these Terms and Conditions. Should the User act for and on behalf of a third party being a legal person, a so called non-corporate legal entity etc. – (c) asserts softwarehubs.com that they are authorized to commit, enter into obligations and incur any liabilities related to the conclusion of this agreement for and on behalf of such person, and the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by such User is of the same effect as if they were accepted by such third party.
    • The Seller utilizes the website for and on behalf of a third party being a legal person, hereby agrees and acknowledges that the softwarehubs.com is all entitled to accomplish, enter into contracts and accept any and/or all responsibilities connected to the culmination of this agreement for and on behalf of such person, and the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by such Seller is of the same effect as if they were accepted by such third party.
    • Softwarehubs.com can at any time with and/or without prior notice and/or intimation to the user may add and/or delete and/or modify, to these Terms and Conditions, without affecting the generality of the foregoing, the right to introduce new provisions and delete the previous ones, due to any special circumstances, specially (i) in order to make sure proper functioning of the Site, (ii) in order to make compatible these terms and conditions with prevailing laws of the land, including but not limited to case laws of common courts or new resolutions, adjudications, proposals and/or other acts issued by the authorized authorities to issue sanctions, (iii) in the act of introducing  and highlighting novel products and/or services provided by softwarehubs.com. (iv) and to confirm the safety and security of the Users, Sellers. (v) changes in the charges and commissions amount charged by the website due to change in its finance policy. (vi) in order to mitigate any illegality. (vii) in order to bring these terms and conditions in conformity with the relevant law of the land.
    • In case of addition or deletion, changes, alteration, modification or revisions of terms and conditions, softwarehubs.com if necessary to inform the Users, Sellers, of the changes, then the same shall be done by sending them a copy of the amendments by the reasonable medium, (for example via e-mail etc.,) and a revised version of the Terms and Conditions, no later than prior notice of fifteen (15) days. If the User, Seller, have any reservations to the amendments, he or she shall have the right to terminate the Terms and Conditions before the expiry of the notice period.
    • Without affection the generality of the foregoing, website may alter these Terms and Conditions without the fifteen (15) days prior notice period as said above, with immediate effect, if: (i) the website has been sanctioned to do the same, (ii) any exceptional and/or extraordinary circumstances requires amendments.
    • English translation of these terms and conditions shall prevail in the circumstance of translation of these terms and conditions to any other language and if the inconsistency and/or conflict occurs between the English and the translated language.
    • Users or Sellers may enter into a separate agreement with softwarehubs.com, via the Internet or otherwise related to certain rights and obligations between them and softwarehubs. (Additional Provisions). Additional provisions shall prevail over previous terms and condition if in case of conflict arises.
    • Softwarehubs.com may provide, indirect storage of the transmitted data solely for the purpose of conducting transmission, and the same data shall not be stored longer than the time as required.
    • Bestantivrus’s Indirect storage of the transmitted data solely for the purpose of conducting transmission does not in any case implies any modifications and/or alterations and/or changes of the data provided by the user.
    • In accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the applicable law, Softwarehubs.com provides to Users and Sellers the following electronic services where applicable:

a) tools to host, set up and operate an online store (Seller’s Store) within the Site, as well as conduct sales via the Seller’s Store,

b) digital tool for the presentation of information on products and services offered by the Sellers’ Stores, including functionality which may list, feature, or otherwise organize the display of Sellers’ Stores to potential Users in a variety of different ways, c) browsing the content of the Site (Account and its functionalities), e) provide specific assistance and administration services for Sellers’ Stores (e.g., providing templates). f) presenting to Users, Sellers and with advertising content tailored to their interesting newsletter), m) enabling viewing of content placed as part of the Site.

  • softwarehubs.com also holds the right to sell to the Users its own products and services through the Site, where it is explicitly provided.
    • The usage of the Site requires the User and the Seller is to possess (a) an operational system-equipped workstation (b) access to the Internet (c) requisite software necessary to view website, and (d) to enable support of cookies.
    • For the correct performance of some of the Site’s functions it may be necessary for the User or the Seller to enable Java, Java Script, Flash support etc.
    • By agreeing to these terms and conditions the user is under strict obligation to refrain from:

a) overloading of IT systems and/or causing disturbance at work,

b) using website incompatible with applicable law,

c) violating third party rights, including copyright, intellectual property rights or personal rights,

d) provide unlawful, unethical, illegal, assaulting, sexual, prejudiced content.

  • FEES and Taxes
  • Fees and commission

Using and/or joining the website is free of cost not does not charge any fees and/or tax, unless otherwise explicitly provided by the softwarehubs.com. Softwarehubs.com shall collect its commission from each transaction and also collects fees for the services and products offered and/or purchased through the website. All fees shall be denominated in US Dollars and in case of change of currency, the same shall be communicated to the users and sellers.  The website reserves the right to change the prices specified for products or services before the User purchases a particular product or service.

4.2 Taxes

Unless stated otherwise, all the fees, services and payments are exclusive of sales use, value added and similar tax, which are not the responsibility of website. But the amount of the commission collected by softwarehubs.com shall be calculated on the amount of the selling price without including the amount of Value Added Tax.

  • Term, Suspension and Termination.
    • Term

Unless terminated earlier, the initial term of this agreement (Terms and Conditions) of providing services and certain functions of the Site shall commence as of the effective date and shall continue until the next 1 year (“initial term”)

  • Termination

Without prejudice to other provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the rights and remedies granted by law, softwarehubs.com is entitled to:

  1. terminate the agreement according to these Terms and Conditions in case of (i) obtaining a court order or authority decision requiring to terminate the agreement governed by these Terms and Conditions with the given User, Seller or Selling User; (ii)breach of any provision of terms by  the given User, Seller or Selling User (iii) breach of violation of any law related to site by the given User, Seller or Selling User and/or,
    1. Suspension

The website may promptly suspend (temporally or permanently limit or block to access and/or use) of the Account, Site, software, or systems (including any networks and servers used to provide any of softwarehubs.com’s services) operated by softwarehubs.com or on its behalf and/or refuse to provide its Services to the User, Seller or Selling User in the future (i) at the request of User, Seller or Selling User, (ii) User’s, Seller’s or Selling User’s breaches any of these Terms and Conditions and/or breaches any provision of the applicable law related with the use of the Site, (iii) User’s, Seller’s or Selling User’s Account has been taken over by third party (iv)  creation of new account by the User, Seller or Selling User whose Account was previously suspended and/or terminated. The termination of agreement of any provision thereof requires prior 30 day notice by the softwarehubs.com to the user, sellers and selling users after which the agreement shall be terminated. The Users, Sellers, and Selling Users also have the right to terminate the agreement which subject to 15 (fifteen) days prior notice with reasons to softwarehubs.com. Upon termination of the agreement with the Seller and/or Selling User his/her Seller’s Store will be taken offline. Users, Sellers, and Selling Users will not be allowed to create another account if the termination of the agreement is made by softwarehubs.com.

  • Obligations of softwarehubs.com

Within the scope these terms and conditions the softwarehubs.com provides through the website the software and services and also provides to its users, sellers and selling user the facility of using or operating his/her seller’s store which will be used by following the guidelines provided by website.

Unless otherwise provided, the products on seller’s store may only be sold in digital form.

  • The Seller determines the price of products which he/she intends to sell on his/her Seller’s Store. Softwarehubs.com collects its commission or other possible fees (if such are due) from the amount of such price.
    • The commission paid by the Seller or the Selling User to Softwarehubs.com is non-returnable and non-refundable, particularly in a situation when the payments between the seller and user is settled as a result of the User’s complaint caused by faults of the products or services provided by the Seller or the Selling User.
    • On the basis of information provided by seller and selling user, the softwarehubs.com provides a model, pre-prepared templates of descriptions of selected product categories, which may be offered by the Seller’s Store. The Seller and the Selling User are obliged to provide reliable and complete information needed to prepare the product descriptions, in compliance with real product features such as quality, producer or brand.
    • Softwarehubs.com is responsible to prepare reliable product descriptions, corresponding to the product’s content. The product descriptions are available for every product under the tab “product details”. However, on account of misinformation by seller or selling user to softwarehubs.com regarding the product then website shall not be liable.
  • Obligations of the User and Seller
    • By accepting these terms and conditions User and seller agrees and acknowledges that:
  • has attained the age of majority, sane and capable of entering into the agreement;
  • products that are to be sold are legal and does not involve any illegality and/or are not acquired through illegal means.
  • the products and services offered through their Sellers’ Stores are not infringing anyone else’s intellectual property rights.

You are not allowed in any case to post on the website the content:

  • The purpose of which is to promote any material for advertisement.
  • Which is unjust, deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, tortious, obscene, pornographic or profane, has sexist, political or racial character, violates other people’s rights, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights, rights of privacy and/or rights of publicity,
  • Which is offensive or breaches in any way any applicable local, national, or international law or regulation.
  • Which is technically harmful (including but not limited to, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data, or other malicious software, harmful data or conduct).

If the website receives notice from another person and/or otherwise comes to its notice on its own that the content posted on the website violates current legislation and/or the User Terms, the website is authorized to delete the such content without any notice and/or intimation.

The registered User hereby grants us the right to initiate and take any legal actions which we deem necessary in case of infringement of these terms and conditions. The user hereby agrees to indemnify us for any claims which may be made against us as a consequence of the user’s violation of these terms and conditions and/or any other legislation currently in force. The user also hereby agrees to keep us indemnified and also keeps us harmless from and against any claim and/or loss due to third-party claims against us, resulting from the content of the registered user being created on the website while using the same.

  • Limitation of liability and Expected code of conduct from the user.

You understand that while using the website you agree to grant us the global, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free right and license to publish, display, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of and commercially exploit any material, information, notifications, reviews, articles, or other types of communication which you have created on the website as a registered User. We are free to use and/or transfer the content created by you and disclose the content to third parties. Users are liable for the content they publish on the Website and guarantee that all the content posted on the Website is correct and true or genuinely held when they are expressing any opinion.

  • registered user Account requirement and deletion of the same.

During the course of registration on the website, you have to select a username and the same shall be shown on the Website at each time you write or comment on reviews or produce user-generated content on the Website. The name to be selected as username must not be offensive, must not contain the terms exclusively prohibited by the law. You agree that your username shall not be going to infringe on any rights, without affecting the generality of the foregoing, including any intellectual property rights belonging to any third party and/or pertaining to the User Terms. Once the user name has been selected the same cannot be changed by the user and only we can change the same.

The website is privileged to have the option to suspend and/or delete and/or change at any time, without prior intimation and without prejudice your user account in the instance of your violation or suspected violation of these User Terms or any other applicable law. While the website is in the process of deleting your profile, you shall cease to have access to services and/or products on the Website which require your registration and/or login as a registered User. When deleting your account, we reserve the right to delete the user-generated content you have made on the Website. In this case, our disclaimer applies without limitation. You are not allowed and cannot gain access or attempt to gain access to the parts of the Website requiring user registration if you are not a registered User.


The Participant agrees that they shall not depreciate and/or underrate the website’s Goodwill, and If the user violates this term, shall be liable to pay compensation. The website cannot be held liable for any comments, statements, opinions, remarks, or disparagement from any of its representatives, officials, affiliates, associates, staff, members, or participants.

  • Quashing the inappropriate Comments from Review Sites and the Website itself.

As already explained hereinbefore in the non-disparagement agreement, the user shall not, in any case, make any derogatory and/or inappropriate remarks against the website and or any other user of the website.

On being informed about the kind of comment specified above, the access to the same shall immediately be blocked by the website, and/or the same can be deleted. And if the same is found on any third party’s website, we can, in mutual understanding with them, get the same deleted and/or removed from that party’s website. We hold all the rights to, on its own, delete specific data from the Site or prohibit transmitting, posting, storing, etc. if the same is found to be illegal or unlawful. 


The Website and all the services and/or products offered via the Website, including but not limited to all underlying technology and intellectual property rights enshrined therein, are and will always remain website’s sole and exclusive property, and/or no license or any other right, whatever that may be, is granted to any such underlying technology.

The content on the Website, without affecting the generality of the foregoing, the intellectual property rights, text, characteristics, graphics, icons, photos, calculations, references, and software is and will be website’s property or the property of a third party (other than the registered User) and is protected by applicable international legislation as well as relevant laws of the land, without affecting the generality of the foregoing applicable copyright and trademark laws for.

To copy and/or download the content on the Website and/or any part thereof is permitted only in the case of personal non-commercial use unless otherwise agreed with us in writing and/or allowed under applicable mandatory law.

  • Disclaimers

The website, content and services/products offered on the website are provided ‘as is’ and as available without representations or warranties of any kind. website expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express, implied or statutory, including without limitation any warranties of non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. the website and services may be modified, updated, interrupted, suspended or discontinued at any time without notice or liability.

We make no representations or warranties with respect to any content created by the registered user and published on the Website. Notwithstanding, the foregoing, the website may at all times investigate and edit (including anonymizing) the content created by the registered user.

Any recommendations, reviews and/or comments provided on the website specially by a registered user are not in any case be considered endorsements made by the website. We disclaim all liability for the content of the Website. The use of our services is in any respect the sole responsibility of the registered Users. We cannot be held liable for the availability of the Website.

  • Governing Law; Arbitration.

Unless anything contrsary to the context of these terms and conditions appears, these terms shall be strictly construed and interpreted and shall be governed by the laws of the relevant locality in which the services are being used. Any discord, disagreement, assertion, altercation if resulted from or broadly in connection with or relating to the use of these terms and conditions including those relating to its legality and/or its interpretation and/or its legitimacy shall be first necessarily be submitted and resolved under the mediation proceedings. If any such dispute as explained hereinbefore remains unable to be resolved by mediation proceedings within 60 days of the request for mediation, then such dispute shall be dealt with and must necessarily be resolved under the arbitration proceedings. The dispute shall be resolved by one arbitrator to be appointed under the relevant laws. The language in which the proceedings of the arbitration and/or mediation shall be conducted shall be English. However, if you do not speak English than the arbitration and/or mediation proceedings shall be conducted both in English as well as in your native language. Any proceedings conducted under arbitration and/or mediation and any documents submitted by any party and/or arbitrator and/or mediator and/or any representative of the party shall remain confidential.

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