Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CAL – Download, License Key, MFG Part R18-01853


Step 1️⃣: 🔑 Get Your License Key: Receive your license key from SOFTWAREHUBS after purchase.

Step 2️⃣: 🖥️ Install Microsoft Windows Server 2022: Ensure that Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is installed and running on your server.

Step 3️⃣: 🛠️ Access License Manager: Open “Server Manager” on your Windows Server 2022 system.

Step 4️⃣: 🔢 Enter Your License Key: Navigate to “Tools” and select “Active Directory Users and Computers”. Right-click on your server name and select “Properties”. In the “Active Directory Users and Computers Properties” window, click on the “Licensing” tab. Enter the license key provided by SOFTWAREHUBS.

Step 5️⃣: 🔓 Activate Your CAL: Click on “Add CALs” and follow the prompts to complete the activation process. Once activated, your Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CAL is now active and ready for use.

Following these steps ensures a smooth activation process for your Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CAL purchased from SOFTWAREHUBS.

Secure Individual User Access with Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CAL (Download)

Software Hubs, a certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and authorized reseller, offers the Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CAL (Client Access License) (MFG Part R18-01853). While we can’t provide direct download links due to Microsoft licensing restrictions, Software Hubs can help you acquire the appropriate licenses.

Product Overview:

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Released on: August 18, 2021 (Follows the lifecycle of the corresponding Windows Server version)
  • License Type: Per User Client Access License (CAL)
  • Platform: Windows Server
  • Model: 2022 Single User CAL
  • Format: Electronic Download (License Key)

Empowering Individual Users Securely:

  • User-Based Licensing: Grants a single user the right to access Windows Server resources, ensuring compliance with Microsoft licensing requirements.
  • Supports Standard and Datacenter Editions: This CAL is compatible with both Windows Server 2022 Standard and Datacenter editions, providing flexibility for your environment.
  • Remote Desktop Services Access: Enables users to connect remotely to the Windows Server for administrative or application access.
  • File Server Access: Grants access to files and folders stored on the Windows Server, facilitating collaboration and data sharing.
  • Print Server Access: Allows users to connect and utilize printers shared on the Windows Server.

Important Note:

  • A Windows Server 2022 license (Standard or Datacenter) is required to use this Client Access License (CAL).
  • CALs are required for each user or device accessing the server, ensuring proper licensing compliance. In most cases, user CALs are more cost-effective if multiple users access a single device.

Software Hubs is Your Trusted Partner:

As a certified Microsoft CSP, Software Hubs provides you with genuine Microsoft licenses and expert support to ensure you have the appropriate Client Access Licenses for your Windows Server environment. We can help you:

  • Determine your CAL requirements based on the number of users accessing your Windows Server.
  • Choose the right CAL type (Device CAL or User CAL) based on your specific needs. User CALs are typically more cost-effective when a single device is used by multiple users.
  • Manage your CAL licenses effectively to ensure compliance.

Contact Software Hubs Today

Let Software Hubs assist you in acquiring the Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CALs that meet your needs. We can:

  • Provide guidance on CAL licensing requirements to ensure you are compliant with Microsoft licensing regulations.
  • Offer competitive pricing on Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CALs.
  • Assist with the licensing process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Additional Considerations:

  • When evaluating CAL types, consider your usage patterns. If a single device is used by multiple users, User CALs might be a more cost-effective option compared to Device CALs.
  • Software Hubs can assist you in determining the most appropriate CAL type (Device CAL or User CAL) for your specific environment.

Contact Software Hubs today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Single User CALs can help you manage user access to your Windows Server environment securely and efficiently.

Product Specs

General Information
Category PC OS software
Description Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition – Add-on license – 16 cores – OEM – Microsoft AMD Pilot Program – Multilingual – Americas
Manufacturer Microsoft
MSRP $795.00
UNSPSC 43233004
Main Specifications
Header / Brand Microsoft
Header / Country Kits Americas
Header / Localization
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
OS Provided / Type Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard
Packaged Quantity 1
Software / License Type Add-on license
Language Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Localization Americas
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard – Microsoft AMD Pilot Program
Product Type Add-on license
License Pricing OEM
License Type 16 cores
System Requirements
Additional Requirements Mouse or compatible device, DVD-ROM, VGA monitor, Internet connection, keyboard
Min Hard Drive Space 32 GB
Min Processor Type Intel x86-64 – 1.4 GHz
Min RAM Size 512 MB

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: 64-bit 1.4 GHz processor compatible with x64 instruction set. Additional security features such as (DEP) and NX bit should also be supported.
  • Memory: 512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option), Error Correcting Code (ECC) type or similar technology for physical host deployments.
  • Hard disk space: 32 GB minimum. GUI installation requires an additional 4 GB.
  • Network adapter: An Ethernet adapter with a throughput of at least 1 gigabit per second.
  • Must conform to the PCI Express architecture specification.
  • Graphics: Graphics device and monitor with Super VGA resolution (1024 x 768) or higher.
  • Optional: An Internet connection is required to use all online features.

The information on the manufacturer’s site takes precedence.

Easy ways to Activate

Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is
genuine and hasn’t been used on more devices than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

Activate using a product key

A product key is a 25-character code, that looks like this:


During installation, you’ll be prompted to enter a product key.  Or, after installation, to enter the product key, select the Start  button, and then select Settings  > System  > Activation  > Update product key > Change product key.

Change product key in Settings

Note: SoftwareHUBs only keeps a record of product keys if you purchased from the SoftwareHUBs online store. You can find out if you purchased from SoftwareHUBs in your account Order history. For more help, see Find your Windows product key.

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