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October 18, 2022
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Acrobat Pro 2020 installer

Download the Acrobat Pro 2020 installer from below. You need the serial number to complete the installation. (For other installation-related help, click the appropriate link above.)

For WindowsFor Mac OS (v10.15 and above)
Download (717 MB, Multilingual zip file installer*)Download (661 MB, Multilingual installer*)
For Mac OS (v10.14)
Download (661 MB, Multilingual installer*)
For Mac OS (v 10.13)
Download (660 MB, Multilingual installer*)
Choosing the right operating system

Open Acrobat_2020_Web_WWMUI file

Open AcrobatPro_11_Web_WWMUI file

Double Click Acrobat_2020_Web_WWMUI to open it

Confirm Folder Location

Confirm Folder Location
  1. Confirm the folder location to extract the Adobe file to
  2. Click Next

Preparing Files

Preparing Files

Wait while the downloaded files are being extracted

This may take several minutes.

Click Finish

Click Finish

When files are finished downloading, click the Finish button

Setup & Install

Click Next

The Setup window will open automatically.

  1. Go to Order E-mail details and copy the License Key into the Serial Number field
  2. Click Install

Wait for Installation to complete

Click Next

Click Finish

Click Finish

When installation has finished, click the Launch Now button

Sign In to Activate

Restart Computer

Click the Sign In Now button to activate Adobe

Accept the Adobe License

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Click the Accept button


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