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March 8, 2023


Altova is a software company founded in 1992 that specializes in developing software tools for XML, data management, UML, and web services. It is headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA.

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Altova Introduction

Altova is a leading provider of software solutions for businesses and individuals, specializing in XML, data management, and integration tools. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Altova has established itself as a trusted brand in the software industry. This detailed guide provides an in-depth overview of the company’s product offerings, nationwide branch locations, financial performance, competitive landscape, essential contact information, and a comprehensive portrayal of the brand’s overall visual identity.

Product Portfolio

Altova offers a diverse range of software solutions tailored to meet various data management and integration needs:

  • XMLSpy: Altova’s flagship product, XMLSpy, is an advanced XML editor and development environment that provides tools for XML editing, validation, transformation, and debugging.
  • MapForce: MapForce is a powerful data mapping and integration tool that enables users to visually map data between any combination of XML, database, flat file, EDI, Excel, JSON, and Web services.
  • DatabaseSpy: DatabaseSpy is a multi-database query, design, and comparison tool that supports all major relational databases, providing SQL editing, database structure design, and data comparison capabilities.
  • FlowForce: FlowForce Server is a workflow automation server that enables users to automate the execution of data transformation, validation, and other tasks across multiple systems and platforms.

National Branch Locations

Altova maintains a network of branch locations across the United States to provide localized support and services:

  • Corporate Headquarters: Located in Beverly, Massachusetts, the corporate headquarters serves as the central hub for management, research, and development activities.
  • East Coast Operations: With a regional office in New York City, Altova caters to customers and partners on the East Coast, offering sales, support, and distribution services.
  • Midwest Branch: Based in Chicago, Illinois, this branch supports customers in the central region with sales, technical assistance, and logistical support.
  • West Coast Office: Situated in San Francisco, California, this office provides sales and support services for customers on the West Coast.

Financial Performance

Altova has demonstrated strong financial performance and growth:

  • Revenue Growth: The company has achieved steady revenue growth, driven by increasing demand for its innovative software solutions and expanding customer base.
  • Profitability: Altova maintains healthy profit margins through operational efficiency and strategic investment in product development and marketing.
  • Investment in Innovation: A significant portion of the company’s revenue is reinvested into research and development to drive continuous innovation and improvement of its software products.

Competitive Landscape

Altova faces competition from several notable players in the software development and data management sector, including:

  • Microsoft: Microsoft offers a variety of software tools and platforms for XML processing, data management, and integration, posing competition to Altova in various product categories.
  • IBM: IBM provides enterprise-level software solutions for data integration, database management, and workflow automation, competing with Altova in the business and enterprise markets.
  • Oracle: Oracle offers a comprehensive suite of database and middleware products, including tools for XML processing and data integration, presenting competition to Altova in the database and enterprise software sectors.

Contact Information

For inquiries, support, or partnership opportunities, Altova can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Official Website: – The company’s official website provides comprehensive information about products, services, and contact details.
  • Email: Specific email addresses for sales, support, and general inquiries are available on the website for convenient communication.
  • Phone: Customers can reach the company’s customer service and support teams via a dedicated phone line listed on the website.
  • Physical Address: Correspondence can be sent to the corporate headquarters or any of the regional branch locations.

Visual Identity of the Brand

Altova boasts a visually appealing and modern brand identity that reflects its commitment to innovation, quality, and professionalism. The brand’s visual identity encompasses a clean and minimalist design aesthetic, featuring sleek typography, bold colors, and contemporary imagery. The logo is simple yet distinctive, incorporating the company name in a stylized font with a unique icon that symbolizes technology and innovation.


Altova is a trusted provider of software solutions for XML, data management, and integration, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. With a strong product portfolio, nationwide presence, robust financial performance, and a competitive stance in the software industry, Altova continues to set the standard for excellence in XML and data management solutions. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and operational excellence ensures its continued success and leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of software development and data management.

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