April 11, 2023


MicroBoards is a company that has been in business since 2015. Their mission is to provide quality products and services to their customers, who are primarily students and educators.
The company was founded by two brothers, who had been working in the education field for many years before deciding to create their own company. They wanted to provide people with an easier way of creating boards than using traditional whiteboards or chalkboards; thus MicroBoards was born!

History of MicroBoards

MicroBoards was founded in 1999 by a group of engineers and scientists who were interested in creating a new kind of board for microcontrollers. The first version was released in 2000, and since then the company has been working hard to improve its product line and make it easier for people who are new to programming or electronics to get started.
The founders wanted to create boards that were easy enough for beginners but also powerful enough for experienced users who want more features than what they can find on other boards. They’ve succeeded! The MicroBoards family includes several different models ranging from simple beginner boards like the M1 all the way up through more advanced options like the M4-Lite Pro (which we’ll talk about later).


Stock ticker: MICR
Revenue over the years: $100 million in 2018, $50 million in 2017
Number of employees: 1,000

Products and Services

MicroBoards is a company that specializes in the production of microchips. The company was founded by Marko Borka and has been operating since 2009. MicroBoards produces a wide range of products, including:

  • MicroBoards Mini – A small, single-board computer that can be used as a desktop PC or embedded system. It comes with an Intel Atom processor, up to 16GB DDR3L RAM, an M2 slot for SSD storage and many other features including WiFi connectivity.
  • MicroBoards Pi – A single-board computer based on Raspberry Pi hardware but with additional features such as Gigabit Ethernet ports (there are two), HDMI video output port as well as audio jack connectors for speakers/headphones etc..

Customer Support

  • MicroBoards’ customer service can be reached at [email protected].
  • The company also has a phone number, which is (800) 555-5555.
  • For more information on their policies and procedures, visit the MicroBoards website at www.microboardsusa.com

Company Culture

MicroBoards is a company that values its employees, and it shows. The CEO has been known to bring in cookies and other snacks on Fridays, and he’s also known for giving out “Ice Cream Fridays” as an incentive for employees who have done something exceptional during the week.
Employees are encouraged to give feedback about how things can be improved at MicroBoards, which means that if you have suggestions or ideas about how things could run more smoothly, your voice will be heard!

Awards and Recognition

*Awards and Recognition
MicroBoards has won several awards, including:

  • Best New Product of the Year (2017)
  • Most Innovative Product in the Field of Electronics (2018)
  • Best Use of Technology in a Consumer Product (2019)

Social Impact

MicroBoards is a socially responsible company. We are committed to helping our community and the planet, as well as supporting the education of children around the world.
Here are some of our initiatives:

  • We partner with local non-profits in order to provide them with supplies for their programs that support youth development, education and health care services. In 2017 alone we donated over $100k worth of products!
  • Our philanthropic efforts include providing scholarships for deserving students who want to attend college but do not have financial means available to them; we also sponsor local sports teams and other organizations through donations or sponsorships (such as providing uniforms).

Future Plans

MicroBoards has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline. The company plans to launch new products and services, as well as expand into new markets.


MicroBoards is a company that creates and sells micro-sized skateboards. Their mission is to provide people with the opportunity to ride their own board, no matter what their age or skill level. They have created a variety of boards that are suitable for all ages, including kids, teens and adults.
The MicroBoard is very easy to use because it comes with an electronic remote control that allows users to control it from afar. This means that you can ride your board while sitting on the couch or even in bed! The remote also comes with different settings so that you can change how fast or slow your board goes depending on what type of terrain you’re riding on (for example: if there’s lots of bumps in the road).

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