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October 15, 2022
Download DMG File , which one you get it in Order e-mail address.

Follow the steps below to install Adobe Photoshop CS6 for the Mac side.

Open the Installer File

Double-Click on Photoshop_13_LS16.dmg
  • Double-click Photoshop_13_LS16.dmg

Open the Photoshop CS6 Installer

Double-Click on "Adobe Photoshop CS6"
  •  Double click Adobe Photoshop CS6

Open the Install File

Double Click on the "Install" File
  • Double-click Install

Wait for the Installer to Initialize

Wait for the Installer to Initialize

 This may take several minutes

Continue with the Installation

Click "Install"
  •  Click Install

Accept the License Agreement

Click "Accept"
  •  Click Accept

Enter the Product Serial Number

Serial Number
  1. Enter the serial number.
  2. Click Next

Sign In or Create an Adobe ID

Sign In or Create an Adobe ID
  1. If you do have an Adobe ID, sign in with those credentials now.
  2. If you do not have an Adobe ID create one by clicking Create an Adobe ID
  3. Click Sign In

Click “Install”

Click "Install"
  •  Click Install

Close the Installer

When Installation Finishes, Click "Close"
  • Click Close


  • You have successfully installed adobe Photoshop CS6 on your Mac.

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